2013 Year in Review – The Global App market

2013 was a landmark year for mobile. The Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore all saw fantastic growth. For us however, the best stats of all concerned mobile gaming.

The Distimo 2013 report stated that the majority of the most successful App publishers were games developers, that Gaming made up the majority of apps in the top grossing charts and the most successful app of 2013 was a game (Clash of Clans – we know, the Proelios team has probably contributed to the bulk of SuperCell’s revenue!). And guess what – we haven’t even reached the peak yet.

Mobile gaming is leading the way in engagement with consumers and gaming is only going to get more popular with cheaper smartphones/tablets coming to market and greater choice of games across the App stores.

If you’re looking at branded entertainment content for your customers, you cannot ignore the engagement and brand connection mobile games deliver on a global scale.

2014’s gonna be good!

To download the Distimo 2013 Year in Review report , click the link below.

Distimo 2013 Year in Review report



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