Branded games

“It provides convincing evidence that if you’re an auto maker, you have to get into mobile gaming…brands all over the place are going to start doing this.”
Luxury Daily on Volkswagen Sports Car Challenge 2


Mobile is fast becoming the consumers 1st screen, where brands want an app presence on consumer’s smart devices to engage and connect and in turn, consumers want engaging and rewarding app experiences which they value and retain.

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Why consumers love mobile games

Mobile games are the most popular apps with consumers of every age and demographic because they offer everything in one package; excitement, entertainment, immersion, replay-ability, choice, reward, and above all challenge.

The continued rise of smart device adoption and free-to-play has made mobile gaming a global phenomenon where consumers play at home, at work, while they travel and even when they eat! Millennials especially are using mobile gaming as their preferred route to connect with brands.

Why should brands create their own mobile games?

Consumers are attracted to branded content which entertains and informs. Branded mobile games deliver greater engagement, brand loyalty and long-term value than any other form of mobile content or advertising. The game can focus on a particular product, service or gamify the creative of a promotional campaign, all of which deliver a brand experience direct to the consumers device.

Mobile games can link consumers to a brand’s online/offline touch points and use intuitive game design and downloadable content to keep consumers playing for longer enabling brands to stay connected for months or even years. They earn their mobile real-estate and are ‘stepping stones’ to connect consumers and brands.

Branded mobile games can be used as precise marketing tools where data analytics measure every single interaction the consumer makes in-game. From visiting the brand website, to making a sales inquiry which leads to a purchase, branded games deliver trackable data and insights on consumer behavior complete with a precise ROI.

Through branded mobile gaming, or brand games as we call them – the game is the brand, it’s a brand experience that’s accessible quickly and easily.