Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme


Continue Barclaycards presence within the mobile space with the brand game tie-in with their highly successful “Rollercoaster” TV campaign on iPhone, iPad and Nokia platforms.


To motivate players to grab power-ups and duck obstacles to push them along 8 different 3D HD rollercoaster tracks through New York coupled with online leaderboards with achievement ratings – all of which were designed to maintain engagement, social network interaction and to incentivise them to connect with Barclaycard brand touch-points and websites.

Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme is the successful follow-up game to Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme where collectively they have engaged and connected over 70,000,000 consumers to the Barclaycard brand.


The second most downloaded branded game of all time (after Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme) at 22,000,000+ downloads
1,200,000+ hours of brand engagement
42,000+ average DAU's (Daily Active Users) in first year
Over 4,000 downloads per day
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Figures accurate as of October 2016