Connecting Millennials to brands on mobile

Proelios briefing Sheffield Hallam DMP students

Connecting Millennials to brands on mobile.

Proelios – Brand Gaming has partnered with Sheffield Hallam University to brief their first year BA (Honours) Digital Media Production students on developing mobile app concepts which focus on connecting Millennials to brands on mobile.

Kristien Wendt, Partner at Proelios said; “One key demographic we’re interested in is the Millennial generation. They are the first purely digital generation and are a massive challenge for brand owners to connect with.”

“But we felt that instead of just researching them, we should work with actual Millennial students who are studying interactive design. This way we investigate how they would want brands connecting with them on mobile and how they can develop app concepts around this. Whilst we provide experienced feedback and advice on their work, the students in turn give us invaluable insights and understanding of their peer groups and their motivations towards brands on mobile platforms.”

Anne Doncaster, Course Leader & Lecturer in Digital Media Production said; “This is great experience for our first year DMPs to work on a brief with Proelios which will help develop their interactive design and marketing skills.”

For more information on the SHU BA (Honours) Digital Media Production course, click here.


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