Data analytics & Customer connection

“We’re looking at the beginning of a data-led ROI capability for Volkswagen Group China where we can follow the entire sales journey from initial app download to final purchase – and that is very exciting.”

Markus Nels, Volkswagen Group China Head of Sports Cars, Motorsport and Car Culture


The key to any successful brand communication is engagement – no engagement = no awareness = no focus = no sales.

Brand immersion in both mobile gaming and now in Virtual and Augmented Reality, is second to none. We all know from past experience that we don’t like being interrupted whilst playing a game for example – when you’re immersed in a game, your full attention is on the game, nothing else. So when a consumer is playing a branded mobile game or enjoying a VR experience, their brand engagement is stronger and far more resilient than being exposed to more traditional media because, put simply, the experience is interactive not passive.

Mobile gaming connection examples

But this engagement isn’t a one way street. Now, consumer activity within these entertainment platforms can be measured precisely through data analytics, and for advertising budgets today, ROI, accountability and cross-channel measurability are essential.

What data can branded VR & games deliver?

Our mobile apps deliver consumer demographic information plus key analytical data on the behavioral, locational and purchasing patterns of every user globally 24/7.

This real-time data provides indicators such as how the consumer is interacting with the experience, how long they engage with the brand, frequency of use, which brand links they visit, which features they enjoy, how they engage with social networks, where they’re located geographically and can even illustrate their travel routes and we can track this activity from initial download to final sale.

Every time the consumer plays a game or engages in a VR experience, the data analytics are captured, collated and presented to the brand owner in real-time to be measured against their hard/soft KPIs and precisely calculated against the app ROI.

Using this data means that mobile gaming and VR/AR apps can be integrated into any brand promotion. Mobile games and Augmented Reality apps can be used in targeted outdoor digital campaigns where consumers can connect, or even play the game through digital 6 sheets. Off-line media such as outdoor poster sites, print, POS and product packaging can be connected through Augmented Reality, and with Virtual Reality the consumer can connect at home. This enables our apps to deliver seamless cross-channel brand connectivity both on and offline.

Data analytics have enabled branded gaming and VR/AR apps to evolve from entertaining engagement platforms to become fully-fledged marketing tools.