So, measuring audiences is hard? Oh no it isn’t!

Audience says "Oh no it isn't!!"

by Kristien Wendt, Partner.

From this week’s Economist, apparently measuring TV audiences keeps getting more difficult. Not surprising, with the fragmented media consumers engage with.

“Measurement is the number one issue for television right now”, says Philippe Dauman, the boss of Viacom.

A massive $75 billion is spent on US TV advertising every year. But viewing habits are changing too fast for Nielsen to keep up and, says Alan Wurtzel, president of research for NBC Universal, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t sell it”.

In the US, with the advent of digital video recorders (DVR) such as TiVo and Sky+, 72% of ads are skipped (Bernstein research).

In essence, TV advertising is having to catch up to where brand gaming data analytics is already.

So, measuring audiences, at least for us, is easy. We connect to every single consumer who downloads our branded mobile games, and we give brands details of not only time spent engaging with their brand, but so much more.

Counting Couch Potatoes, 9th Feb 2013, The Economist

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