Mobile gaming in LATAM is red hot!

Rio-de-Janeiro games party

According to Super Data Research, the digital games market in Latin America is growing at an annual rate of 16 percent, with the prediction it will be worth $4.5 billion in 2014. Brazil is the leading market, recently moving ahead of Mexico.

The potential of LATAM is enourmous; “At $4.5 billion in annual revenues, the Latin American digital games market is forecasted to grow 12% and retain almost 10% of the global market by year’s end.”

Indeed the ‘growing appetite’ in Mexico, Argentina and Chile could push 2015’s total up to $5.3 billion – all good news for brands wanting to engage consumers within these emerging markets.

To download the Super Data Research report, click here: LATAM_digital_games_market_summary report 2014

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