Proelios shares some secrets at Masterclass London

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Like the ‘Man behind the curtain’ in the Wizard of Oz, Kristien Wendt, Head of Clients Services for Proelios shared some secrets on successful mobile gaming solutions for brands with senior marketing executives this week.

Proelios was invited to speak at the Digital Advertising forum at the Masterclassing event in London to highlight how branded mobile games are utilized to engage and connect with consumers around the world.

Kristien said; “The key point we took away was that digital advertising and content marketing, especially with trends such as programmatic ads and mobile gaming, are still very new and not fully understood by brand owners. Having events like Masterclassing enables companies like Proelios to share our insights on consumer engagement, data analytics and branded entertainment whilst speaking directly with the brand owners themselves to help them better understand the gaming medium and what it can do for them.”

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