Sports Car Challenge achieves 10 Million Downloads!

Proelios is proud to announce that the unique success story of their multi-award-winning 3D racing simulation Sports Car Challenge for iOS and Android has just marked another milestone, the brand game has now generated a total of over 10 million downloads worldwide. To celebrate this exceptional moment, Volkswagen and Fishlabs have just released another free content update, including the red-hot Porsche Boxster S.

sports-car-challenge-porsche-boxster-s-screenshot (1)
As of today, the players of Sports Car Challenge can enjoy this uncompromising roadster on their smartphones and tablets simply by updating their app. Merging elegant design, high-end performance and trend-setting innovation, the Porsche Boxster S shows its drivers what it is like to feel the airflow on the skin when speeding along the asphalt with more than 170mph. With its classy design that marks a unique blend of great tradition and innovative ideas, the Porsche Boxster S combines the best elements of more than 50 years of automotive engineering at its best.

sports-car-challenge-porsche-boxster-s-screenshot (2)
Besides the Porsche Boxster S, Sports Car Challenge currently features no less than 13 other super sports cars by six of the most renowned brands of the Volkswagen Group, namely Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and Volkswagen.

sports-car-challenge-porsche-boxster-s-screenshot (3)

In addition, the adrenaline-pumping racing experience also contains five individual race tracks and three differing gameplay modes. With an average of 10 gaming sessions per player and a total engagement time of more than 8 million hours, Sports Car Challenge has successfully delivered the ultimate driving experience on mobile to millions of consumers around the world!

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