Top 100 Gaming nations 2014


With the global games market estimated to be $81.5Bn this year, the Top 100 gaming nations breakdown from Newzoo makes for some interesting reading. The full breakdown can be viewed here: Top 100 Countries by Game Revenues

Over 1.7 billion gamers in the top 100 countries are estimated to generate 99.8% of the world’s gaming revenue and that the US topped the rankings this year at $20.5Bn with China creeping up at $17.9Bn.

However, it won’t be long until China overtakes the US with an estimated regional growth rate of 15.2% compared with 1.4% (it could even be this year with the Chinese console ban lifted) and that gaming is showing huge growth in emerging markets like Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Mobile gaming will be the main driver of this growth as will a shift towards higher game quality. This is evident with both Apple and Google recently announcing the introduction of more powerful operating systems for smartphones and tablets to deliver ‘console gaming experiences’. This, coupled with cheaper device costs and wider internet penetration, and global gaming adoption will continue this upward trend for the foreseeable future.

The following charts detail population, online population, gamer population, revenues and YoY growth:






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