Top Global Apps 2014 and the UK’s position as a ‘Gaming Nation’

Distimo Market Growth January 2014

The latest stats from Distimo show gaming as the most popular app download at the beginning of 2014 in both free and paid categories and the market is still growing. Most interestingly, the top grossing apps across both the Apple Apps Store and Google Play were the same selection of games; Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and Hay Day topping the charts.

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And a little bit closer to home – according to research from Newzoo, between March and December 2013 the UK was the second biggest market globally for iPad gaming and fourth in the world for iPhone and Google Play gaming downloads (behind the US, Japan and China). Considering the UK market’s size compared to the US (and especially Japan in the case of iPad gaming), the UK’s position as a leading gaming nation is well deserved.

The key point for brand owners to capitalize on this trend is that in order to connect with consumers through mobile games, in-game advertising isn’t your route. One small reason why these types of games are so popular is the immersive experience and entertainment they deliver, and not by the interruptive of nature of in-game advertising (also, Clash of Clans et al don’t feature brand advertising of any kind).

Consumers want great game experiences and the most successful route to date for brands is through branded mobile gaming apps (see our case study page for more information on our approach).

To read the Newzoo blog, click here: 2013 Mobile Games Review

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